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Moray Local Review Body
30 Jan 2020 - 09:30
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New Case

Planning Application 19/00825/APP – Erect dwellinghouse, detached garage and all associated works at Plot on Station Road, Urquhart, Moray


Summary of Local Review Body functions:

To conduct reviews in respect of refusal of planning permission or unacceptable conditions as determined by the delegated officer, in terms of the Scheme of Delegation to Officers under Section 43(A)(i) of the Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 and the Town & Country Planning (Scheme of Delegation and Local Review Procedure)(Scotland) Regulations 2013, or where the Delegated Officer has not determined the application within 3 months of registration.



Declaration of Group Decisions and Members Interests
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Declarations of Interests


Principal Planning Officer (Strategic Planning and Development) and Mr Henderson, Planning Officer as Planning Advisers, Mr Hoath, Senior Solicitor and Ms Sarwar, Solicitor (Licensing and Regulatory) as Legal Advisers and Mrs Rowan, Committee Services Officer as Clerk to the Moray Local Review Body.


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