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Viewing Register Of Interest From Councillor Tim Eagle

Date of registration of interest:

Date of receipt of registration of interest by monitoring officer:



Employment, offices held, trades, professions or vocations declared for income tax purposes.

Moray Council – Councillor and Leader of Conservative and Unionist Party Group


Farm – Hillfolds – Farm – Self Employed Sole Trader

2) Related Undertakings
Directorships held which are not in themselves remunerated but where the company (or other undertaking) in question is a subsidiary or a parent of, a company (or other undertaking) in which  a remunerated directorship is held.




Contracts with the Authority 

Contracts with the Authority which are not fully discharged, and which are:

(a)       contracts for the supply of goods, services or works to the Authority or on the Authority’s behalf, and

(b)       between the Moray Council and either yourself or a company in which you have a beneficial interest or of which you are a director.

SLDT Land at March Road, Buckie – 17 ac agricultural land – 5 years short limited duration tenancy


Lease land at March Road, Buckie - further 15ac agricultural land - land leased on annual terms.

4) Election Expenses
Assistance towards election expenses received within the last twelve months.

None within the last 12 months, supported by and member of the Moray Conservative and Unionist Party. 


Houses, Land and Buildings

Houses, land and buildings in the area of the authority where there is a beneficial interest.

Home address available on request.

Westpark, Clochan, Buckie – 10 acres land (owned)

Bogmore/Spey Bay – 25 acres agricultural land tenancy with Crown Estate

March Road, Buckie – 35 acres agricultural land tenancy with Moray Council


Interest in Shares and Securities

Shares or securities comprised in the share capital of a company or other body and the nominal value of the shares is;

  • greater than 1% of the issued share capital of the company or other body; or
greater than £25,000




Non-Financial Interests

Details of any non-financial interests which members of the public might reasonably think could influence actions, speeches or votes in the Council.



Moray Conservative and Unionist Association

Moray Integrated Joint Board

Moray Community Planning Board

North East Agricultural Advisory Group





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